Jon Robson

Welcome to the homepage of Jon Robson. Jon Robson is a web developer educated at York University (Computer Science) currently living in San Francisco, USA, and before that Kent, England. Jon loves travelling whenever possible and currently works as full time for the Wikimedia Foundation. Jon makes things on the web on the client using HTML/CSS/JavaScript and on the server with Python. Jon has been known to speak on various subjects and has a CV if that is of interest which can be found via his humans.txt You may also be interested in Jon's thoughts. If you are looking for Jon's old TiddlyWiki blog, it has moved to here, and instead view these notes on tiddlyspace.


Here is interesting stuff that Jon Robson has made that seems worthy of your attention. All are best viewed in a modern browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Older works

Over time things lose relevance and people break the web. Here are some less recent projects I hav worked on.