The robson's

John Robson

John Robson was born in 1791.

He married Jane Watson, in approximately 1819 (a marriage is registered on 12th March 1820 which may be theirs). Jane was born in 1798 in Hacey, Northumberland, England. I know very little about her heritage.

They had seven children - Robert Robson, John, George Watson, Thomas, Jane, Isabella and William.

Their first child, Robert Robson, was my ancestor (my great great great grandfather). He lived until the age of 64. Two years later, John and Jane had a second son, John. Another two years passed before George Watson was born in 1824 and then two years later they had their forth child Thomas. Thomas died an infant two months after his first birthday. Jane and Isabella followed in 1829 and 1832 respectively and William was to be their last child, born in 1834.

The marriage certificate of his son, Robert Robson and Mary Holder Oxx states John Robson as father and deceased. His date of death is written in a bible record obtained by a descendent Clive Hodgson. He died January 12th 1836. He would have been 45 years of age.

This death was recorded in the parish records and his burial can be found in Long Benton parish records. John was probably buried on 14th January 1836 in St Bartholomew church Longbenton.

Only William, the youngest of the children and Robert, the oldest went on to marry (at least to my knowledge). Robert Robson married Mary Holder Oxx 15th May 1842 and William Robson married Jane Wilkinson May 25th 1857.