The Robson's

Robert Robson

Robert Robson was born on the 7th January 1820 in in Plessey, Newcastle, Northumberland, England (Plessey being an area of Stannington). The birth date given (of January 7th) was found on family tree passed down.

In 1842 (15th May), aged 22, he married Mary Holder Oxx, a dress maker (aged 28). His marriage was registered in Newcastle on Tyne sup-registras district to Mary Holder Oxx. They married at the All-Saints Church.

They had six children. Their first child was born in 1843 John George Robson (my great great grandfather). William Isaac (1845), Harriett Jane (1846), Hannah Mary Augusta (1849), Robert Amos (1851) and Frances Isabell Woodhouse (1854) followed.

During his life he worked as a roll turner in 1841 and 1861 (Middlesborough) and later a mechanic at an engine works (1881 census).

He died in June 1884.

To my knowledge, only John Robson (marrying Martha Lyall), Hannah Mary Augusta Robson (marrying James Bulmer) and Frances Isabell Woodhouse Robson (marrying Thomas Bellwood) went on to have children. Harriett Jane Robson married Thomas Hunter but I am not aware of any children.